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problem with my name tag


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Personal of Dear staff 

I would like you to help me with a problem that I have,
Since I bought a label with the name a few years ago but it was never seen in the game mode (assasin) I wanted to know if you can reactivate my nametag to make it look


Here is a link to see the problem



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It was bought in the name of XxXSKRYMEXxX
but later change in name by TsT_SKRYME
the nametag is from TheSamaTeam gold colorand

 I do not have any mail or purchase tickets since t
hat was about 4 years ago, but as the owner of the account sold to me, I want to correct all of that problems
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Here’s my problem- you are changing your story- first you say you bought the rank and now you saying the owner of the account gave or sold it to you? While never mentioning  XxXSKRYMEXxX to begin with... I found the payment but it wasn’t four years ago it was just a little over two years ago.

There is also nothing saying that it should be transferred to you or that it ever was. Sorry, but if you want to transfer something from another account that you do not own you need full proof and the owner to vouch for it and you have neither here.

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