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Compact Machine blocks unable to chunk-load machine world


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See below...

I was just told that the Compact Machine world is on the list of dimensions that are frequently wiped. If that is true then this completely disables this mod and you as well remove the chance to reduce lag by people using compact machine world.

Short description what the mod does: technically it provides small, extra-dimensional rooms for players where they can setup stuff in, and pipes allow to get items in and out. The entrance to this small cube is linked to a specific machine block, that allows you to travel back and forth between the overworld and that block's room. This effectively allows a player to setup a complex machine in that extra dimensional room, pipe input items in and receive output items on another side of the machine block.

This mod has several benefits for multiplayer servers:

1) You can setup complex machines into an extra dimension, which then doesn't cause any block updates to be sent to the players, because usually no one ever is in that dimension. This reduces lag on overall.

2) You can immediately pinpoint sources of lag, as every machine block gets it's own specific chunk cube. So it is as easy as identifying the chunk with the most lag, and you know the machine setup that causes it and the player that made it.

3) Players need a lot less room for their bases, as they can put big machines into that extra dimensional space, leaving more space for other players.

So please do not wipe the Compact Machine world.

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I did try the compact machine block and it turns out that the compact machine world does not stay chunkloaded as it should. Theoretically whenever a machine block is loaded the corresponding block in the machine dimension should also be loaded, but that's not happening atm.

I further tested this:

1. Setup had a loop-back pipe, so I inputted an item from outside, which was then immediately transferred to the output. This works, but only with TE ducts and you need a servo on every input.

2. I put my cactus farm inside the machine. This produces about 2-3 cactus / minute while I am inside the machine (which are then transferred to the outside world). However as soon as I leave the machine productions stops.

This means shortly after leaving the machine chunk in the machine world that chunk is unloaded, even though it should stay loaded. My best guess is that the chunk-loading restrictions on this server prevent the normal chunk-loading the machine should do.

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