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Complaint (Mccoyboy4)


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IGN: Mccoyboy4


I added Coy to a town because he was requesting to live in one, so I said he could live in mine. Everything was good for a few days.

While I was offline on a trip then he proceeded to grief just about everything in my plot. He has all of my ME drives, which contained everything I had my conduits and machines are also missing, such as oil fabricators and refineries (which I know, are the least of my concerns), but also my reactor. I heard from EPICfighters that he also griefed his other town. I'd like to request he'd be dealt with (hopefully perma-ban), but at least a rollback of my town. The damage wasn't just limited to me, as another town member got griefed as well. His ME system and reactor is now mostly (if not completely) gone.

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I have banned him for rule 8, claim grief, for seven days. I found the items that you had described, which includes:

  • ME SYS
  • NASA Workbench
  • Refinery
  • Fabricator
  • Reactor

As I said before, it would be better for you to get a rollback, as the items are all jumbled up, but if you still would like the items as is, please comment below. 

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Well you can't get both....

A rollback would give you the same thing as me giving you the items back, sort of anyways.

Since rollbacks are tomorrow, or today for some, then I am just going to close this topic, and brunyman can roll your base back. 

Edit: @chroma_slime Make sure to make it fast, I have noticed that rollbacks happen in around 8 hours, so you have some time, but make a rollback request now, better then later.

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