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DW20 1.7.10 Items Disappeared


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While in a maze in the twilight forest, I died and I had a knapsack with a bunch of stuff in it and when I came back and dug up my grave, it was gone and none of the surrounding mobs had it on them. I play on the DW20 1.7.10 server also. 


I also made a new knapsack and returned and I died again and the new knapsack disappeared as well. 

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2 hours ago, brunyman said:

post a date to rollback your inventory to when you had it

it was two days ago, so saturday (6/2/18). i cant remember the exact time but i do know that it was around night time (6-11pm) EST time zone if that helps. 

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1 hour ago, brunyman said:

I saved your existing inventory in a iron chest, but could not find the knapsack in the rollback, we may need to refund lost items, for that post a list

it’s fine. i’ve pretty much got everything all back since then, but thank you for your help. i do however have a question/concern:


i’ve got a bc builder quarry and it says i can’t place it in my town bcause the land belongs to “(username i forgot)” but it allows me to place it in other spots of my claim. the town was created and claimed by myself and only one other person is in the town and their username doesn’t pop up when i try to place it. i’m not sure it this is a bug or what, but it’s mildly frustrating. hope you can help! 

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