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[1] In-Game Username:

[2] Details of Situation:

I was banned for having the same ip as kingsman cuz of the vpn he advised me

[3] Ban Category:


[4] Ban Duration:


[5] Staff Member:

I dont really know,sorry

[6] ScreenShots:

I made 2 photos,vpn on and vpn off



[7] Your Reason:

I asked him for a good Vpn because my ip is banned on some of the voting servers,and he gave me this one(windscribe)

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Hello Kingsman,


There is just too many coincidences here for your reasoning to be probable. 


1. You first join after Kingsman 2nd unban appeal. Weird if you are now friends

2. Kingsman makes a prefix transfer and doesn't state that it's a transfer to a friend

3. And how would you find the server if not from kingsman, and why would he recommend one he had been banned from?

4. Your IP's match, and even with the same VPN that is highly unlikely. Means that you will have to have chosen the exact same country.

5. Your behavior strike a very close resemblance to Kingsman.




Alright, let me give you my theory

You get banned on kingsman for griefing spawn, you give up trying to appeal so you ban evade as you have done many times before. You start by using a VPN but then you turn sloppy, you forget to use it and you might not even realise that you are connecting with your true IP. Because what I don't get is that Windscribe is a limited data VPN - unless you buy - why would you consume data on something unless you are hiding it?. It also says the IP is in Dallas, US. Which is incorrect, it's in Maldova. And looking at the language on the screenshots you sent, their alphabet and the one used in the application are spot on. 


First screenshot is easily explained, load VPN, load page, exit vpn, don't refresh page. Printscreen.

2nd one I believe you just cut and pasted some numbers around, and what you couldn't make believable you censored.


Well fought this time, but there are just too many coincidences to make anything believable here. 


But above all... Kingsman has used this IP since 2016. From all the information I found, windscribe was founded in 2017.

Oh and your discord is brand new too, like also when Kingsman got banned.


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You should work as a crime investigator ;).But some of your remarks are incorrect.

Like Moldova doesn't use this alphabet, and I live in Romania, which is a neighbor to Moldova. I also made true screenshots, I didn't modify nothing,just censored some numbers. I can give you the raw data.   :D

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Also my behavior on the server has changed dramatically, seriously. And not only on the server..... But think now as good as you thought when investigating:

8 graves at spawn is spawn griefing???I would consider this a bug, as now it's fixed. So, if I left 7-8 graves intentionally at spawn-means that I abused a bug. So that's a 2week ban or so. Even if you think that theres the rule 8 that says that every block editing is griefing, every one can die there and leave a grave, and you will have no proof that he did it intentionally or not. But you had proof on me bcz I wrote "I griefed spawn"......(Which was a joke srsly)

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We have already discussed you griefing spawn before, twice actually and it was denied. 


It’s the fact that you abused it instead of reporting it, and when comfronted you said you were just doing ”a few more”. Your intent is obvious, not to mention your previous records of deleting player islands on SF3, ban evading 19 times on IE...


But thank you for the compliments :P It took some investigating.

I was spot on, wasn’t I?


Anyways, sorry, but once again your appeal is denied as you now have also ban evaded it to begin with.


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