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Direwolf20 1.12.2 Server Update to Modpack version 1.11.0!


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And finally our server was updated to latest recommended mod pack version 1.11.0. We did 3 attempts and had lot's of issues on this update but it is finally done, i'm sorry for the downtime caused.


There were some issues with the new forge version used that needed us to also update the proxy server, we also got few big crashes with some of the new mod versions in this update and we fixed them. Another important change is that Portal Gun mod is no longer disabled, but the item Portal Gun is restricted for grief reasons. There should also be some performance improvements with some changes when server restarts and when chunkloaders load chunks. We will see how stable the new version is but if there are issues we will try to fix them and the server will be more and more stable.


Some of the server side changes:

  • Updated modpack to 1.11.0
  • Updated mod configs on updated mods.
  • Re-applied patches to updated mods.
  • Better handling of chunkloaders to prevent them from loading unless the owner joins the server. (This will improve performance)
  • Portal Gun mod is now enabled. (Recipes with ender dust should work now)
  • Portal Gun item is restricted.


The official modpack change log is below:



Mod(s) Removed

  • FoamFix by asiekierka (0.8.3)
    • Replaced in favour of the CurseForge hosted file

Mod(s) Added

Mod(s) Updated

Configuration Changes

  • Completely overhauled - nothing different just re-generated and re-configured
  • Extreme Reactors
    • Increased max turbine size to stop existing turbine from breaking.


Direwolf20 1.12.2 Server


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