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[Claim Rollback Request]_Soulless_


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Your Name:  _Soulless_
Coordiantes: -2200 83 2739
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine)(day/month/year): 6/7/18 probably right after the update
Description of Issue: So let me start off by saying this isnt exactly a claim rollback. I was messing around with Thaumcraft 6 before I had done research on the changes. I was doing some work in the crucible and just clearing it by shift+right clicking and boom! I opened a flux rift... for those who dont know a flux rift it a tear in space time that eats blocks, causes damage and spawns wisps... To top it all off it spawned in my reactor so I no longer have power... There is a fix however! the chunk just needs to be right clicked with a creative item called a Flux Sponge and it'll disappear!  


P.S. if anyone wants to know how to clear a crucible "properly" you throw a quartz sliver (1 nether quartz = 9 slivers) into the crucible and it'll turn into essentia crystals
Screenshots (Optional): The screenshot was too big, id be happy to send it to someone via discord/ DM 

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