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craftyguy23's admin abuse.


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One of your admins 'craftyguy23' is abusing his admin to discriminate an gay person as his name has gay in it 'TheGayKitten' and the hole server will back me up saying this plus i have a screenshot
this shows him threatening this person because they have gay in their name as their are gay
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I witnessed it all. Kitten was kicked without being given a chance to reply because he was AFk, than was kicked again for not being allowed to express who he is as a person. He's a nice person and did nothing wrong. No one was offended by his name. 

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Thank you for your concerns.

We don't allow religion, LGBT or political names on our servers, as to avoid controversial topics and harassment for the player with the name- or in some cases from the player with the name. Not that we ourselves think it's a controversial topic, but it's to protect the overall server and to keep the players within the rules.


You are more than welcome to return when you have changed your name.

Thank you.



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