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Favorite accessories to your computer room?


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So this is geared more towards the older people here, but anyone can answer!
What is your favorite accessories that you have in your computer room, that are not mouse/keyboards. 

Guess I'll start off with two things I could not live without.

My mini fridge,
Just big enough for 2 pizzas 2, 6 packs, and a few bottles of coke,
This thing has been amazing for the last 3 years I've had it, just so convenient being able to grab a snack or drink while at my desk.
This is the fridge I've got next to my desk right now. 

And also my water cooler,

10 litres of fresh, cold water on demand.
Just can't live without it, and it lives right next to my mini fridge.
I've got this model, love it to bits.

Also have a drill, but thats more a tool than a accessory, but it gets used basicly every month or so when building computers.

(Water cooling is a bitch)


What about you dudes, what do you use daily while in your computer room?

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