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FTB Revelation Server update to Mod Pack version 2.1.0!


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Time for another Large Modpack Update on Revelation server! This updated allot of mods so lots of bug fixes and also adds 3 new mods to the pack: RebornStoragerefinedstorage and refinedstorageaddons.


Official Change log:


2.1.0 UPDATE

Mods Added:

Mods Updated:
-Traverse-1.12.2-1.5.4-61.jar xnet-1.12-1.7.1.jar
-YABBA- Aroma1997Core-1.12.2-

-Remove Chisel variants of ice from the void resource miner. Replaced with minecraft ice fixes #13

-Traveler Sack from AA recipe removed due to dupe bug temp. Been reported to mod author -will reenable recipe once fixed


Modded Adventures!


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