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Continuous and ongoing issues.


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For the last week, the server has been getting stuck in crash loops, Many peoples tesseracts & Fulmination generators (neither of which are cheap) are turning into obsidian (mine twice in the last two days), and many more server-problems.


To put a long story short, Its basically unplayable. My whole inventory has been removed on purpose and due to a crash several times, And its not just me.

Many people on the server have lost many items due to a crash, The staff are trying to fix them all, But they cant do everything.

Even when staff give you the tesseracts, or your items back, Tesseracts have to be re-placed and set up. Crashes take time for the server to be reboot.


This needs to be fixed.

Untill the server has been fixed, and i dont just mean My items refunded, or others peoples items, I mean when this no longer happens, when the server doesnt crash at a constant rate every day, I wont be playing. I have been patient, I have been understanding.


But this is unplayable.


Looking forward to play again,

Many thanks, Mario.

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Good Afternoon,


All of this being said, Please realise that with the amount of mods and add-ons/plugins there is bound to be issues and clashes. We respect your input and apologise for any inconveniences caused. I'm afraid I've been playing since 2015 and crash's/crash loops are all part of the inevitability that is the world of Tekkit.


Many Thanks,



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