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[Refund Request] Maccie_


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Your Name: Maccie_
Item Name + Amount: 

Flux-Infused sword with enchants: Sharpness V, Looting III, Fire aspect II


Power helmet with upgrades: Energy shield, Elite battery, High Efficient Solar generator, Autofeeder, Nightvision, Flightcontrol


Power armour chest-plate with upgrades: Energy shield, Elite Battery, Thermal Generator, Jetpack, Glider, Active Camouflage, Cooling system


Power armour leggings with upgrades: Energy shield, Elite Battery, Sprint assist, Jump assist, Swim boost, Uphill climb assist


Power armour boots with upgrades: Energy shield, Elite Battery, Jet boots, Shock absorber


Power tool with upgrades: Axe, Pickaxe, Shovel, Shears, Prototype Omniwrench, Ore scanner, Leaf blower, Diamond drill upgrade, Aqua AFFinity, In-place assembler, Melee assist, Elite battery, Blink drive


Items lost in Golden bag of holding: 2x Resonant Energy Cells(Full), Resonant Portable Tank (Full of Gelid Cryotheum), Drum (Full of Gelid Cryotheum), Quantum Assembler, Lots of mystcraft pages and books (So much that I cant even remember so don't bother with refunding that lol), Re-usable safari net (Enderman captured inside)

Coordinates: x: 2919 y: 131 z: 44
Description of Issue: I was flying around and I saw an island which looked unrealistically made, flew over to see what it was and a forcefield (which wasn't a loaded in chunk) loaded ontop of me and killed me because of the insta-kill upgrade.
Screenshots (Optional): 

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