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Immersive Engineering - Kicked on login


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Playing on dw20 1.12, I stood on an Immersive Engineering wire connector and got kicked for an invalid movement. Whenever I try to log back onto the server I get kicked immediately with the message "Disconnected" or "A connection to the server was forcibly closed by the host".

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Do you mind giving us the location of the said connector causing you to crash?


Also, i have sent you to spawn that way you can still play the game and potentialy fix the issue yourself :D (Try removing the connectors)


If you contiinue to experience issues please don't hesitate to reply back to this post that way it can be looked into further.



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Hi Skull,


Thanks very much for resetting me to spawn, not had a problem logging on since.

The connector I stood on is on top of the windmill at VilePoison's base (x:1985, z:2537), so not something I can change. I think I'll just have to be more careful in the future!


Many thanks.

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