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[ANS] [Bug Report] Jojobaoilhunter


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In-Game Name: Jojobaoilhunter

Server: PureSurvival

Description of Issue: I was playing with my friend in Pure Survival. We went to lobby as server restart. I was riding on my pig but then changed to a horse directly. Then I kept jumping. I couldn't stop and then got kicked. Every time now I get into the server, I still keep jumping and get kicked less than a second. The message "kicked for flying (or related)" is shown.




I don't know if I will have my item lost so I will just mention what I was having as well.

Item name + Item ID: 

coal x 24

iron ore x 10

iron pickaxe x 1

stone pickaxe x2

iron helmet x 1

iron chest-plate x 1

iron legging x 1

iron shoes x 1


Thank you for handling the issue.

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You shouldn't lose anything after a scheduled server restart, so I wouldn't worry about that. The issue with joining the lobby, it's a glitch with the pets plugin that occurs randomly (usually when a flying pet is involved). I'd say all you can do is give it a few minutes and try again. You'll definitely be good once the lobby restarts.

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