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[Refund Request] ItsMeMushtario

Your Name: ItsMeMushtario
Item Name + ID + Amount: 1 Wyvern helm  fully maxed

                                              1 Draconic chestplate fully maxed

                                              1 Wyvern leggings fully maxed

                                              1 Wyvern boots fully maxed

                                              1 Draconic flux capacitor fully maxed

                                              1 Draconic pick fully maxed

                                              1 Wyvern axe fully maxed

                                              1 Wyvern shovel fully maxed

                                              1 Draconic bow fully maxed with infinity 1 power 5

                                              1 Phase field generator

                                              64 Enchanted golden apples

                                              64 Crumpbstars

                                               2 stacks of Growth accelerators

                                              3 stacks of Ender energy conduits
Coordinates: X: -17188 Z: -6916 Y: 72
Description of Issue: I needed to go outside for a bit and that a bit turned into half an hour when I came back I knew that I was gonna be kicked but the thing that surprised me was that it said "You have suffocated in a wall" and then it said "Grave could not have been placed" .Ty for the refund have a nice day :)
Screenshots (Optional):

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