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FTB Revelation Server update to Mod Pack version 2.2.0!


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Time for another large modpack update! 45 mods updated and 2 added! The most important addition is woot mod ("In Woot you build your factory then program it with the mob of your choice. Then you give it some power and an inventory to put all the loot into that the mob would have generated.")


The official modpack change log:


2.2.0 UPDATE

Mods Added:

Mods Updated:

-Remove books from first load and add ALL to Akashic Tome from startup.
-Allow mobs to spawn in Simple Void World; closes #50
-Disabled Quark hotkey to switch items to main hand; closes #38
-Added storage blocks/bags to Dank Null blacklist to fix dupe bug; closes #35


As server side changes we only updated mods, patched mods that needed to, updated configs and scripts.

Check more info about woot mod in the video below:


Modded Adventures!


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