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Hello Staff!


I want to participate in the content creator program.

I am a lover of the ACV1 modality,  and I've thought about participating in this program to help a little.

I currently have an inactive channel with 300 subscribers, and more than once, I thought about activating it again, and the problem was always that I did not know what content to upload.

So I decided, that while my new PC arrives, with which I will upload more content to MineCraft, I could be recording and uploading things from this server, since I have free time. I would upload 2 videos a week, at least.


In the game my user is DmZMoDzYT. And my YouTube channel is https://www.youtube.com/user/DmZMoDz

All my old videos are hidden, because they are from years ago and they do not make me very funny.


I hope your answer soon! A hug ❤️

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