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Refund Request


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In-Game Name: Mixedme
Server (AC, PureSurvival, etc.): AC v1

Item name + Item ID (Item ID optional, but very helpful!): ummmmmm..

I dunno what i had really ... ill try write it downfrom old post got this


Diamond boots :

Unbreaking III

Feather falling IV

Thorns II

Protection IV


Diamond Helmet:

Unbreaking III

Aqua affinity II

Respiration I

Thorns II

Protection IV


Diamond Leggings :

Unbreaking III

Protection IV

Thorns II


Diamond CHestplate:

Unbreaking III

Protection IV

Thorns II


OP bow :

Power V

Punch II

Unbreaking III

Flame I

Infinity I


As for sword i think if i remember correcty 

Diamond Sword :

Knockback III

Sharpness VI or V

Fire thingy was like 1 or 2

Bane of athropods was 1 or 2

Unbreaking was maxxd.


I had that Hook thing that u use to go up and down places

i had fishing rod dunno why  dont really need it so no probs..





Time & Date (Time and Date when you lost the item/s): I just logged on today 7/26/2018 and nothing in my inv
Description of Issue (how you lost the items): Dunno Resetted account ??
Evidence (an old screenshot/video that shows you had the items;Optional?



anways jajaja yes this time i lost everything instead of 1 thing or 2

soooo annyways here ??


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