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[Claim Rollback Request] Miss_Katia


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Your Name:  Miss_Katia
Coordiantes: 406 71 -792
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine)(day/month/year): 18:50pm GMT 17/08/2018
Description of Issue: After Revelation update to 2.3 when login on, I found both my Refined Storage Disks were gone, vanished. May I kindly get them back as now I have nothing.
Screenshots (Optional): 

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From Yusixs:

Hi, as much as I hate to admit it, the modpack update ruined Refined Storage drives for everyone on the server using a RS system. Even for those who haven't logged on 10 days before the update (Just an example). As soon as brunyman updated the modpack, everyone has lost cells in their RS system. One might think that a rollback would fix it -that's what I thought aswell but no, that didn't fix it.

On the 20th, I tried to do a rollback on 6 distinct locations (at that moment there were 6 rollback topics) and surprisingly, they didn't work. I believed that it must've been a mistake on my end as I'm pretty new in doing rollbacks and hence I tried to do them precisely using MCEdit the second time.....yet only to see that the second method also failed. I reached out to brunyman for a viable reason for why this is happening and apparently this has happened once before aswell. The server had the big 2.0.0 update months ago which caused a similar issue to everyone online at that time.

I do realise that a server of this magnitude shouldn't have this bad of a hiccup and I do apologize for the extensive delays before making an official post. Our only option right now is to do a refund to the players who lost their items. Some of you might've lost millions of items and might've even quit this server already and for that I do apologize. Right now I think our best bet is to outright ban the RS drive for the revelation server. Seeing as how this is the second time this has happened, I can be most certain that there will be a third time too. Knowing that such a bug is going to exist in every update and without any way for us to debug and fix it is too risky for the player bases on the server.

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