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STAFF RANKS - Explained!


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This post has needed an update for a while, and since the staff hierarchy has been recently shaken up this is the best moment to do it.
Hopefully it will make the prefixes you see here, in-game or on discord more clear and you will know who can help you with your specific issue as a member of the network.

The ranks will be explained from the bottom to the top, since the permissions, duties and responsibilities are inherited and so whatever is said for the lower ranks also applies to the ones that will follow.


Those who help players and higher staff

Every staff member starts as a Helper, we can see it as a "trial" rank, where we test commitment and activity. But I see it more as a "training" rank, where newly added staff gets to see older staff in action and to learn how different situations should be handled. Given that, their permissions are somewhat limited but their duties are still: to enforce the rules in-game (those only require a jail, a warning or a mute), reply to the users questions, give information and bring up to the higher ranks server issues, and here on the forums, to give support and reply to the players posts that aren't in the right section or where information is missing.


Those who moderate the server

Moderators should be able to help you with most of the issues you may encounter. In addition to the permissions and responsibilities of Helpers, Moderators can take care of rest of the rules. They are able to ban and most importantly investigate complaints, support tickets, and other issues. Here on the forums they can take care of refund requests, claim or town removals, block removals and reports.


Those who administer the server

Admins will serve this role on one or two servers, they are active and understand the modpack very well. As such they are granted the access to use PEX or Luckperms to handle permissions in-game, and access to the server files to make the appropriate changes if needed. Building upon the permissions and responsibilities of Moderators, Admins will take care of (almost) everything else in-game, therefore, they handle rollbacks, command requests, fixing server issues and looking over the staff in their servers.


Those who manage the network

Here's where you will find me, our job is to handle the network as a whole, more specifically to handle buycraft, the forums, the discord and staff. On top of that we have Admin access on every server, to serve that role on emergencies or when a server doesn't have a dedicated Admin. So, in a server with enough admins you'll mostly see us on buycraft issues or rank transfers, since those require admin access on both servers.


The owner

Last but not least, brunyman is the owner of Craftersland and as such he has all the permissions. He mainly performs the weekly and monthly maintenance on all the servers, works on deploying new servers and monitors the servers' status to fix any major issue.


Besides that, the forums and discord have moderators, those ranks are separated from the in-game ones and only represent that they also have the permissions and duty to moderate the forums and discord respectively.

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