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Hi I went into the nether then attempted to return through back to spawn using the nether portal and died instantly. It is not aligned and teleport you randomly to a island. I lost quit a few items but I am only concerned about what I can definitively rember losing. 


22 Lucky blocks I got for voting that day 5177 , 30ish dirt , 3 diamonds ,  and a few other odd and ends I dont really rember sorry but I am not putting down stuff I cant recall losing. I also lost a full set of supreamium armor full supreamium armor 7653 7654 7655 7656 like an idot I thought I could fly to my death point and return with my stuff but because it teleported to a random island I when I flew their I flew to low and also died. 


I am not really concerned with most of this but that armor belonged to my team mate and is my most pressing concern besides making sure this problem is fixed. thank you so much for your time. 

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