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Issues with replicators


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There is some issues with replicators.Couple of days ago i was using like 1k+ of quantum solar panels with few replicators.Then i decided to build alot bigger replicators setup.Made like over a hundred of them, and when i turn them on, tps drops down to like 5 instantly.After that i removed like half of them, it reduced lag a bit, but tps was still low.Then i was testing some diffrent stuff with them ,like few replicators per chunk, diffrent distance between them, and so on.Found that the amount of overclockers im using caused this lag.For example 5 replicators with 17 overclockers was causing the same amount of lag as 30 of them with 6 overclockers inside.Yesterday all of my cables that were conected to panels disappeared so then i decided to move all of my solar panels in 15 chunks area.After that i decided to test replicators i placed 3 replicators setup with 16 overclockers inside and then where it started, every time i log on, the whole server keeps getting timed out including me.But somehow i mange to remove them and timed out stopped.Also found that replicators without any overclockers, including some other ic2 machines , for example electric furnace and scanner causes timed out only once.Logicaly thinking it crashes when machines gets powerd up and since scanner is not doing any opperations , everyone gets timed out only once.

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