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Adding 2 unobtainable items in spawn market


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the 2 unobtainable items would be the "Crystal Cluster" (#4558/0) and "Crystal Cluster Bricks" (#4558/1) from the mod "Blood Magic: Alchemical Wizardry". These items are used to create the Tier 6 Blood altar and the Transcendent Blood Orb, and are originally obtained through a demon invasion, summoned by an appropiate ritual, which is not available in the version of the mod used by skyfactory 3. The ritual tinkerer doesn't show the ritual, and it needs specific filled jars according to the developer video, which don't even appear in JEI.

By adding these items in the spawn market, players can at least proceed to the last tier. While this tier might not even do much (I doubt there are any new rituals you can do at this tier), the higher tier can allow the player to use more upgrades in the form of runes on their altar, and the tier 6 orb has a higher capacity. Also, one could at least use the blocks themselves as decorations I suppose.


Unless I made a mistake somewhere and you can actually commence the demon invasion, in which case I would like to know how if possible xD

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