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Serious complaint


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9/23/18 2:27 PM

So, in short, I had logged onto the server, and tried to access my ME system, and for some reason. It says it had no power, which is weird because I have chunkloaders active and, a reactor, and some solar panels plus capacitor banks in case something happened. Upon investigating, I discovered that my reactor had been partially destroyed, the underground part of my base partially destroyed, my ME controllers gone, alone with all of my auto crafting components such as my co-processors and my 64k processsors for autocrafting. Then I went over to my tier 8 energy core, and realized that someone with the username Ttheman15 had claimed it. He also took some of my other stuff that was near my ME controllers. Most of my stuff was claimed, but there was some stuff that I couldn't as I didn't have enough claim blocks. Which is how he was able to take all of my stuff and destroy those things.







No eyewitnesses as far as I'm aware of.


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