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Your Name: thor12092000_
Item Name + Amount: Power Armor Chestplate X1, Power Armor Leggings X1, Power Armor Boots X1. Chestplate Modules: Advanced Plating, Cooling System, Water Tank, Radiation Shielding, Elite Battery. Leggings Modules: Advanced Plating, Elite Battery, Sprint Assist, Jump Assist, Radiation Shielding, Kinetic Generator. Boots Modules: Advanced Plating, Elite Battery, Shock Absorber, Radiation Shielding.
Coordinates: See screenshots
Description of Issue: I went to a building which was claimed, a maze with my friend. I wanted to give him my power armor but I didn't know it was claimed so I couldn't pick it up. The screenshots are from my friend. (DezeGames)
Screenshots (Optional): Included in the post



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