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Zeref stalks people outside their homes and kills them while invisible


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This has happened multiple times to others and many people have complained about it. 


It happened recently with me.. a bunch of red liquid spawned outside of my spawn and started to flow in so I began to clean it up. I mysteriously got killed. 


It's one thing if we want to engage in PVP.. it's another to be tricked into the wilderness then killed.


I see multiple people have complained about him.. why don't you be reasonable and ban him?


I'd be happy to donate a few hundred USD to see him gone. I like this server. I hate griefers like this guy. 


I know you are an honorable staff and will do the right thing. 



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He cleaned up the liquid rather quickly after killing me and stealing my power armor. 


No screenshots unfortunately I honestly didn't know an actual player killed me.


I thought it was some plugin (but it was his named sword actually)


I realized it after someone mentioned it to me and I did an /invsee to find the name of that weapon that killed me in combat log.


The red liquid looked like someone littered it was such a WTF moment. 

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