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Abusing Exploit


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This guy called Rurude94 on the tekkit server was outside my claim invs and i saw something on the ground so i checked it out and he came out with a ruby sword and 2 shot me. and i had full power armor maxed out full armor so Strongblade786 said it was a exploit because i know flux swords with sharpness 5 does more damage then ruby swords even not activated. so im reporting him on forum for abusing a exploit

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This guy is using technicalities and glitches to kill people who don't even want to engage in PvP.

It is ruining the server experience and not very sporting. 

I attest to his behavior. If he doesn't get banned could one of the admins/staff at least talk to him? Tell him to quit being a dick?


Because if being a dick on this server is allowed then this is my highest level real life skill.

I can easily create a player tracker (that's what he uses to find someone) and start murdering innocents in the same way.


When I get banned, he can get banned? amirite?

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After some discussions (and reading previous discussions) this is my response to the current complaints.


PvP is allowed. The tekkit server is a PvP server and therefore players are allowed to freely kill others as long as it does not break any of our rules.


The rules that could be broken are:

Rule 2: This would involve being able to harm or kill players inside their claim.

Rule 5: Using spawned in items to kill someone, TP Killing, fly, god/creative (if they are in god/creative your attack will do no damage, there will also be no attack indicator).

Rule 8: This would include any liquids flowing into the claim or block damage.

Rule 15: Constantly killing the same player will be classed as harassment. This may also include stalking the player for a long period of time.


If none of these rules are broken then the killing is legit and therefore is not punishable. If you don't wish to be killed then you can set town perms to make sure outsiders cannot enter.

/t perm town set out none


Yes I know, the killing happens outside of the claim. Well, there's one solution. You can do /near to see if anyone is close. You should also consider that any "abnormal" liquids that appear near your claim will most likely be a lure, so don't fall for it ;)


The tactic used in your current predicament @thejoikabolla is not an exploit but a game mechanic that is supposed to happen when done properly and therefore does not break any rules, such as Rule 2.


If any of the rules are broken please report the player and make sure you have solid proof of it.

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