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  1. thejoikabolla

    Inventory Rollback

    Your Name: ThejoikabollaCoordinates: i dont know the coordinatesTime/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): saturday 04:48 UTC +2Description of Issue: I glitched/bugged trough the floor and fell down to bedrock and hit the ground
  2. thejoikabolla

    Me system bug

    i tryed making a system that was auto prosessing meat for me and it worked fine until i could take out stacks and stacks of meat and still have like a stack of meat left in the me system. basically duping and when i put it back again and i was going to take some meat out again all the meat went back to 1 stack. and i contacted dezegames (he is helper) and he said i needed to ask on the forums because he thought it was a bug instead of a missconfig. i aslo have a video of it if it was confusing to you
  3. thejoikabolla

    Abusing time command

    yes they can and no staff was on so i want to get this guy a warning for playing with the server commands
  4. thejoikabolla

    Abusing time command

    Someone on the server keeps changing the time to day and night and rain and clear and its been getting on everyones nerves. its been getting really annoying and i really dont like them abusing their rank down here is a screenshot of who is online and you can check the logs of who is setting it to day and night time when happening:21:45
  5. thejoikabolla

    Starter Money

    Hey. tjhe tekkit server just wiped and i wondered if i could reclaim my vip rank on the tekkit server so i get some starter money and vote keys if so that would be really nice
  6. thejoikabolla

    Abusing Exploit

    This guy called Rurude94 on the tekkit server was outside my claim invs and i saw something on the ground so i checked it out and he came out with a ruby sword and 2 shot me. and i had full power armor maxed out full armor so Strongblade786 said it was a exploit because i know flux swords with sharpness 5 does more damage then ruby swords even not activated. so im reporting him on forum for abusing a exploit
  7. thejoikabolla

    Town Rollback

  8. thejoikabolla

    Town Rollback

    Your Name: ThejoikabollaTown Name: jojoisbestCoordinates: -2374,64, -1316,04Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 21.09.2018 1:00 amDescription of Issue: i added this guy called Inextricable and his friend who i dont know the name of and after like a hour or two i told them to get their stuff and leave because i like playing solo and then he got his stuff and i kicked him and after that he told me that i stole from him. and everything we built in my town at the time was from my recoureses so i didnt actually steal from him and after that i couldnt kick inextricable because obv i couldnt write his name because he wasnt online and then after like a day or two i got raided. *ps* i have another screnshot but i cant upload it and everything was in my me so everything i had is goneScreenshots (Optional):
  9. thejoikabolla

    town removal request [DarkCity]

    Your Name: ThejoikabollaTown Name: DarkCityCoordinates of Town: +3568,31 +2648,71 100,29Town members: Darkbuilder5Reason for request: Inactive for 4 MonthsScreenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended):
  10. thejoikabolla

    lost money

    does that mean i get help or is it moved somewhere? xD
  11. thejoikabolla

    lost money

    Hi. i was playing on the tekkit server and i lost 400$ and i didnt buy anything i checked my balance and i had 400$ later i checked again and then i had 0$ i wonder if i could get my money back

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