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  1. https://imgur.com/a/ASyLiff I want the [BadBoi] Tag to be changed into &e[Road To Baltop] (same order btw) I got told by epic to post it here. @EPICfighters
  2. Now about this screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/wvmhqVp This happened in discord and his claims of trying to "help" was not actual helping. Infact he was the one talking garbage in my discord about my opinion's. And this has been said many times "Anything thats in discord or a discord server has nothing with craftersland to do"
  3. In-Game Nickname: Fisher/XmeddersYour username (Optional): ThejoikabollaTime and Date: 2:18 am 03.01.2020 Description of what happened: So me and Magical_cow made a clan which we were going to use the next tekkit wipe to dominate the map and have a great time. Some memebers were invited but not alot. One player by the name of "Fisher" Or his sponsor account "Xmedders" Decided that while i was sleeping it was a great idea to go on the server and talk general bad stuff about me and my clan. I have no tolerance about this to any certain extent and i atleast want somthing done about this. Screenshots or Proof: https://imgur.com/a/Rh3Blg1 https://imgur.com/a/iBsjQqK https://imgur.com/a/U3IQQAf https://imgur.com/a/wvmhqVp List of eyewitnesses: Magical_coww Mikewerf_
  4. Me and magical had this not so great idea of making a hella good empire for the server and we have invited some to be our brave soliders. But as we need a channel to chat in i wanted to request a channel for me and my soliders to chat in. /ch Empire Of POg / EOP If that works. Thanks!
  5. Account Name: Thejoikabolla Rank: Sponsor+ Requested Commands^: World edit Reason for Request*: Removing huge amount of blocks. Making a huge hole for my auto crafter.
  6. Account Name: ThejoikabollaRank: Sponsor+Requested Commands^: /godReason for Request*: I dont want to die in my own base. I just had a heart attack from 3 zombies magically spawning on me without a message because of the halloween plugin and i dont want that to happen again. I also have cryothium in my base so i was on 3 hearts before managing to fly up.
  7. [1] In-Game Username: Thejoikabolla [2] Details of Situation: I dont know whats been happening but i logged onto the server just showing i broke a rule and got banned for spawn grief. [3] Ban Category: Rule 8 [4] Ban Duration: Permanant [5] Staff Member: EPICfighters [6] ScreenShots: https://imgur.com/a/q4c39PP [7] Your Reason: I belive i got banned for no reason. As ive not been playing for the last week i belive. I was on for like 10-20 minutes one day. Dont know which one but mike can confirm i was on for 10-20 minutes. @EPICfighters
  8. Alright to clear this up. Maybe it isnt any rules of having a nickname like that. But its annoying as hell. And you already got a staff member pissed off for it.
  9. I can confirm this and i think its just childish to be like this. Even tho Car and i fixed it up in the end and shes been kinda nice to me i still would like this person to be punished.
  10. In-Game Nickname: TdogoYour username (Optional): ThejoikabollaTime and Date: 01:15 (Norwegian time) Description of what happened: I was minding my own business when i suddenly found out that the silver we had 300 - 400 of was gone. Then i asked deze about it and he checked all the inventories from the members that are in my town. But when deze came to Tdogo's inventory he crashed. He later then said it means he has got alot of modded items on him. I also lost some stacks of certus quartz yesterday. Screenshots or Proof: https://imgur.com/a/9gHu4PO List of eyewitnesses: AmazingSeed, Dezegames.
  11. Your Name: ThejoikabollaItem Name + Amount: 1 stack of silver nether oreCoordinates: +2503 +2920Description of Issue: I was going to make an energetic infuser and a energy cell for someone then i was missing silver. So i went down to my laser drills and i found a stack of silver nether ore. And after i putted it into the pulverizer the server crashed and then i lost everything.Screenshots (Optional)
  12. As i said in the post i want the green prefix to be given to ACfreak13. And my fancy animated prefix is kinda messed up.
  13. In game name: Thejoikabolla. Proof of Purchase: https://imgur.com/a/iMnZUuf Description of Issue: I recently bought the animated prefix from the store but it removed every other prefix that i had. my S+ my green prefix and my [captain] prefix. i would like the green prefix to be replaced with the animated prefix and keeping the captain prefix. Date/Time of Purchase: 17th February 2019 6:55. Items/Rank Bought: 1 fancy animated prefix. Any other important information: I would like the green prefix to be given to ACFreak13.
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