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[Buycraft Issue]E4as


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In game name: E4as
Proof of Purchase: 
3AC30562GK716411H ; 8RF51535MR190693D
Description of Issue: I had a sponsor+ or somekind of sponsor rank, long time ago, now my rank is gone both on 1.7 and 1.12 version of the servers.
Time/Date of Purchase (day/month/year): 27 February 2016, 27 January 2016.
Items/Rank Bought: VIP, Sponsor+? .
Screenshots (Optional): 





Any other important information: I remember first buyng the VIP, then a month later grabbing the best rank because there was some kind of sale going on at that moment. Since the ranks should remain permanently i think this is a problem. I haven't played for 1year i think, so i'm in maybe im in the blue and missed something. Dont remember to many details(Becouse i played/payed in 2016).

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