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DW 1.12 Chunk loader bugs?

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yh this issue i reported thx to towilloughby for making this when i was unable to but the chicken chunk chunk loaders are not working as they should be i know this as when i go away from base or into another dimension or offline for the night my reactor loses power causing it to over heat or what ever its doing now i came on this morning to find the fluid remains of my reactor all over my basement floor so reported this i also suspected and reported to dc last night that i thought there was a problem with the loaders but i couldnt prove it and i dont know if he saw as no aknolegment for it so i got on today fix react luckily i have spares and ran alternative chunk loader from ic2 and reactor runs fine for me while im either in another dimension or offline so this alone pproves there is a bug/issue with the standard chicken chunks one i would apreciate it if this issue could be sorted and fix so others do not suffer like i have i iwould also like to be refund the core for the reactor as they are not cheap to make i.e chaos shards many thx xCBKx_R3APER

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