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[Claim Rollback Request]Nightsole333

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Your Name:  Nightsole333
Coordiantes: (x: -1400, z: 3828, y: 104)
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine)(8/10/2018): 12 noon
Description of Issue: I made a Refined Storage system with four 4k drives and they were filled with almost everything I had. The server went through a reset and when I logged back on the drives and all my stuff was gone. so the reset was at around 2 am central standard time US (my time) but all I had done that day when I logged on is build that system so anytime before I logged on should do. Thanks in advance for your help!! and per DragonLady's recommendation I will not be using that system again.
Screenshots (Optional):

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We only make a few rollback points per day and the closest point we have is when you hadn't made a Refined Storage system yet and were still using chests for storage. Would this point be good for you? It is possible to refund some items if the rollback makes you lose too many items

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