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(Refund Request) Sane333


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Your Name: Sane333
Item Name + Amount: 

Demonic Broadsword with a Treated wood handle and eletrum hand guard + 1 level blaze, 2 level quartz, 1 level of looting III andan End Embossment on the handle

Manyullyn pick with a Ardite tool rod and paper tool bindings + 1 level luck III, 3 levels of redstone, 1 level diamond and a Wood Embossment

Bronze limbed cobalt plate Longbow + 3 levels of red stone Wooden Embossment

Evil iron arrows with treated wood arrow shafts and normal feather flecthings + 1 level diamond, 2 levels of quartz, and one level of beheading and a Bone Embossment on the arrow shaft

Cobalt Headed hammer with eletrum and paper plates and a knight slime handle + 5 levels of reinforcement (unbreaking) and one free level

Iron Axe end shovel Wooden handle mattock + 2 levels redstone and 1 level Silktouch

Diamond Backpack

Hardened Jet-pack (armored)

Ender Pouches X2
Coordinates:  161, -625, N/A (end)
Coordinates of Death Tablet placed in a chest: 1036, -3518, 64 (overworld)
Description of Issue: I was going into the End to find Ender bees and the sever reset and when i came back in I died to the void in the end as soon as i was back in

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