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[Refund Request] UgurkansTR

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Your Name: UgurkansTR
Item Name + ID + Amount: 

Draconic Helm 4745 = 1        (Soulbound I)

Draconic Chestplate 4746 = 1        (Soulbound I)

Draconic Leggings 4747 = 1        (Soulbound I)

Draconic Boots 4748 = 1        (Soulbound I)

Draconic Staff Of Power 4738 = 1        (Soulbound I)

Red Heart Canister 4976:2 = 10

Yellow Heart Canister 4976:4 = 10

Awakened Core 4759 = 18-20 (i don't remember)

Coordinates:  x: -4000 z: -200 y: 144
Description of Issue: 

i was playing on this server a year ago (or two years :D). something happened and my inventory reseted.
i left because of that. i want to continue playing again. thanks



my island was rolled back but inventory wasn't rolled back. old post:

Screenshots (Optional):


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