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afk is spamming chat


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Since I got topvoter at the beginning of the month, I've had an issue with a server-wide afk alert any time I sit still for too long. There is an /afk command, but I'm not using it; this is something different. Other people playing on the server have complained about it multiple times, and it's not helpful to me in any way. I've attached screenshots of what it looks like in chat.


Also, I just found this other post about it being a problem on a different server, and it seems to be fixed for them:



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The response wasn't completely unjustified; it's annoyingly spamming chat :(


I did just realize that the server was recently wiped, and I hadn't seen it beforehand, so the fix may have just been something that wasn't put back up after the wipe? If that's the case, I just hope it's cleared before topvoter is issued again next month.

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