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Hello readers,

In past few days "Revelation" had problems, yesterday some of the mods stopped working or parts of them. suggestion would be that in time like this if solution to fix is not found, to look for earlier reset. I have heard this server is doing resets on 6 months or more, and that is ok, but that should stand only when modpack is working on server. If it is in this state where couple of mods are not working and solution is not found, reset should be the thing to go with (as far as I heard you kept map while you were changing version). because if players need to play on server where some mods are not working for few months till reset, it wont be that fun experience. One of the solutions is that players move to other modpacks hosted on this network or move to another network (which means loosing players).
Same thing could go for other servers on this network, this is not small network and also expenses of network are not low.


Players should also understand that they are also the ones who are responsible for server working smoothly and with no problems (what most call Lag), you can not expect server to be running smoothly with 20+ players on and you are running many mob farms and processing lots of things in many machines while having all chunkloaded, and stuff like that. Other networks have a rule for having mob farms, and most of them don't allow auto wither boss farms, things can go out of control.


Thank you for taking your time to read this.

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