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[Refund Request] xHuNgRy_DiPnDoTz


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Your Name: xHuNgRy_DiPnDoTz
Item Name + Amount: 

10 Light Engineering blocks

5 Heavy Engineering Blocks

8 Steel Sheetmetal

18 steel sheetmetal slabs

1 cauldron

2 redstone engineering blocks

6 steel scaffolding
Coordinates (format x, y, z):  x:-1098 y: 69 z: -3850 (cords to my house/claim if needed)
Coordinates of Death Tablet placed in a chest: NA
Description of Issue: I was about to build an arc furnace but lost connection to the server. When i was able to join back after the message "Server is starting up" everyone else had also lost connection so I assume the server went down for a minute. All the items I had just taken out of a chest to build the arc furnace were gone and not in my inventory or chest anymore. My guess is i transfered them from the chest to my inventory the moment the server lost connection and it had nowhere to store the information? But either way I lost all the items for an arc furnace minus the 6 steel blocks and the 27 reinforced blast bricks as i already had them in my inventory.


(All occured around 8pm EST roughly)

Screenshots (Optional): NA

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