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[Unban Request] [Always_Ein]


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[1] In-Game Username:

[2] Details of Situation:

I had created a giant using the growthening syringe and had used it in a zombie to make a giant, I only tried to do this because Reich had earlier said you can make one legit, which I did. After I had an idea, I used a potion of invisibility and potion of strength and a potion of speed on the giant, and put it in a safari net, and then into an auto spawner, which I then made a portal using mystcraft outside of reichs base, I had no intention of them going into the base, as usually they don’t move unless a player, or iron golem is near by to attack, but the idea was to get revenge on ramma by the giant killing him outside his claim, but instead it killed him inside his claim, I would have removed the giants earlier if I new they were inside of ramma and zylonds base but, they were invisible, here on out I will remove all giants with potion affects, and won’t give any giants potion affects again:

[3] Ban Category:

Rule 2 3rd offense 

[4] Ban Duration:

14 days total

[5] Staff Member:


[6] ScreenShots:

-(Answer in this line)-

[7] Your Reason:

I want to continue to play with my clan on this amazing server if you see that I still should live out my ban duration, I shall not get angry/bad talk anyone, I see the reason I should still have some of a ban duration. I also want to help and protect any new players who join from Reich, as they like killing noobs who have just started, but to help them in other ways as well as state the rules to those who break them.

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All screenshots will be shown at the end.


1. Lying on an unban request doesn't particularly help towards getting an unban. 

17 minutes ago, Always_Ein said:

which I then made a portal using mystcraft outside of reichs base, I had no intention of them going into the base

The book you used to teleport the giants did not lead outside the claim, it in fact teleported them 5 chunks into the claim, using the giants to kill him instantly clearly goes against rule 2 as you bypassed town claim protection.


2. What you say now and what you did kind of contradict each other. You say if you knew the giants had entered the claim then you would of removed them before hand. This seems like a load of rubbish to me. For one, why would you spawn giants near their base (even though this is a false claim as said above) if you didn't want them to kill the players? And two, after you had sent the giants to kill Ramma, you stated that your plan had worked and if he wanted more. This clearly shows that you intended for them to kill him.


3. I don't know where your clan members got the idea that the ban was for "spawning a giant". I'm fully aware of how it can be done, the ban was for using the giants to bypass the claim protection and kill a player within it (which you've admitted to)


Unban request denied, you clearly bypassed claim protection and then even tried to lie on your unban request.





Portal used to teleport giants


Location where portal lead




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