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'disconnect.spam' While Attempting To Log In

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I was trying to log in to my account and for some reason, right after I pressed 'enter', the screen dimmed a bit and 'disconnect.spam' shows up. Happens with anything I type as the password. My username is Herobrine, in case it's required. Also, I found out that upon typing 'lol' or other short words as the password, it just shows 'wrong password', that's understandable, yes. But, my password is long; for security. So, when I typed my password or any other long words, again, 'disconnect.spam' shows up. All I need now is a fix. Thank you for taking the time to look into this problem.

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Hi. We are having pluggin issue on network rigth now. We are waiting for an update. This issue kick players (which is normal latly, even myself have been kicked for discconect.spam)


Are you able to log in? Or everytime you try you go discconected?


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