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[Refund Request] Zwoooz

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Your Name: Zwoooz

Item Name + Amount: Angel ring(no wings), Ender pouch(magenta,magenta,magenta), Cobalt tinkers pickaxe(blue slime rod, wood binding, fully upgraded redstone+lapis), Staff of Traveling, achievement book.

Coordinates: x: 13556 z: -22261 y:71 (Dimension 4 - The Beneath)

Description of Issue: While loading in to The Beneath dimension i suffocated in a wall and instantly died when loaded. When i went back to the dimension again the grave was nowhere to be seen, i even mined out a rather large area trying to find it.

Screenshots (Optional): https://gyazo.com/5dd980c57b55a3d4e6acf5d89bda4d88

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