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Getting Base Back - Appeal


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Dear beautiful and lovely Bruny,


Back in July I had built a base in creative that was a massive, beautiful tree that I made out of cherry wood and leaves. the dimensions reached to max block height and a village was starting to be built on and in the tree. As I was almost done with the build and start my survival adventure, the server was unfortunately wiped. I had been awaiting starting survival in the tree after its completion but unfortunately was wiped. I was wanting to know if it would be possible if you could somehow bring that tree into this new server world. I had 0 items in the tree from survival, it was just a huge project I was working on that I was going to do all my survival stuff on after finishing. Also considering that I am max rank with donation tier that could also be a benefit/higher chance with my succession? Anyways thank you and if it is not possible I completely understand. Thank you so much!


-Axuna (Username)

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no-can-do, sorry. If we grant this for you everyone will want their previous base moved to the new wipe, and that simply renders a wipe useless. 


There should be a download link for it on the forum if you want to enjoy it in singleplayer

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