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Your Name: Gazrealy
Item Name + Amount: Vote Keys #68
Description of Issue: bought multiple packs and was happy till i realized none of the vote keys were in the pile of loot if it were one or two then i wouldnt care but 68 is insane to not be included and can definitely add up.
Screenshots (Optional):  vote6.PNG.af58383ec2cb6c21b61b13831cc8ba79.PNGvote.PNG.a27c69a7d30f3869368edbf9078a021b.PNG199484162_vote4.PNG.71c555dee8cc6644ab520e79d4084c88.PNG


vote 3.PNG

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Sorry for the problem :-) Sometimes the keys mess up when there are a lot of packages. Could be that it was above a full stack, as I can even give you 64 keys, I had to do 64+4. No matter, its' a rare case and easy to fix!


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