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How about we get tickets for voting that we could either convert to money or use for offline chunkloading let's say we get 250 tickets per vote and the chunkloader uses 5 per min (per chunk for a base with no machines) that will be 50 min of chunkloading per vote and since there are 9 vote links that would be 7h and 30 min for a basic base (keep in mind only 1 chunk is loaded)

The twist is that the more automation is in that chunk the price would go upp so that it would instead of 5 tickets use 15 for a chunk with lots of machines that are doing stuff(only 2h and 30min).

I personally think that this would encourage players to vote more and try to optimize their base as much as possible or just build full 1 chunk farms with only a basic ME to store the essence,farming stations to harvest and tesseracts.


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The idea is good, but we don't have as much control over the chunkloaders as you might think- and this would require a custom made plugin which I personally don't feel like it's worth the time and effort that would have to go in to create this.

I think the idea of improving the vote reward is good though, but perhaps in more of a vote-crate way, that instead we would buff the kits.



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