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[Inventory Rollback Request]gamerpenguin


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Your Name:  gamerpenguin
Coordinates: 455, 59, -126 (nether)
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 11/1/2018 like 3am CST
Description of Issue: I believe what happened is I recovered a gravestone, and then my inventory didn't save properly, as when I logged in the gravestone was gone but I had my "rescue kit" equipment. 

I died many times so I'm not sure what time I had the now lost set of items, if it's more convenient I would be fine with just being refunded the important items I lost, which are as follows:

-Lesser Tartaric gem (it had 50ish demon will but I can get that back)

-Sentient Sword

-Golden Backpack

-Apprentice Orb

I had some tinker's equipment and some miscellaneous stuff too but I can replace/upgrade those easily.

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