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Claim Rollback Request

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Your Name:  Luloush6
Coordiantes: (use format xyz: 2565.300 46 -1774.467)
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine) 1:45-2:00 am Pacific Standard Time (day/month/year): (1/11/2018)
Description of Issue: I was playing with two other friends, getting back into minecraft and had only bin playing for a few hours having a lot of fun. I got the DW Premium and one of my friends got DW VIP into DW Premium and we put basically everything we had into Refined Storage Cells. After the aforementioned time above we went to bed and when I got up found that the drives were gone from the refined storage mod. Just so you know, the claim is in my friends name (Meriketh)
Screenshots (Optional):2018-11-01_16_08_26.thumb.png.95da2cd1cfd8346ae10cfec3fe464842.png2018-11-01_16_09_05.thumb.png.57525a1ba4badeafc3d4d53e47e5c07e.png

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Hello @Luloush6 refined storage is bugged on DW1.12 server, we prefer you to start off with AE2. If you can list down whatever you have inside your refined storage, I can refund you those items. A refund is mostly faster than a rollback so if it's possible for you to remember, you can list it down here or if it's not possible then my apologize you've to wait for the rollback to be apply.

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First off thank you for getting back to me about this it's vary appreciated and second I’m going to need the rollback unfortunately. I'm unable to recall the items because it's from mining/key's and shop purchases from me and two others. I would appreciate it if you could let me know about the how long it will take for a rollback for this to happen as the sooner the better.

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