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Island Rollback Request

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Your Name:  ChienDeTerre
Island Owner Name:  Toninja2
Coordiantes: 17149 200 23291
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine):  Monday October 29th
Description of Issue: Toninja2 was a friend of mine and he asked me to create my island with him and after 2 weeks he started throwing my stuff in the air and one day I reconnected and he broke the island and left sky factory definitely getting me 0 stuff matgahs helped me a lot to redo my island thank you to answer me as soon as possible Dog :)
Screenshots : draconic storage tier 4 2018-10-30_18_48_25.thumb.png.ab2c76309f70eb68f2ec75efca49e272.png2018-10-31_14.06.26.png2018-10-28_22.30.13.png2018-10-28_22.30.13.png2018-10-28_22.30.13.png

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