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[Refund Request] MMD


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Your Name: MMD
Item Name + Amount:  The list is long bear with me. ( I will first display the items that i most deared then the rest that i've lost including the modifiers for the items )

Cleaver ( Tinkers Construct )

 -First tool rod - Wood ( Ecological )

 -Second Tool rod - Electrum ( Shocking )

 -Large Sword Blade - Silver ( Holy )

- Extra - Copper ( Well-Established )

----- ( Either the sword or just the parts ) ----

Broadsword ( Tinkers Construct )

- Tool Rod - Wood ( Ecological )

Wide Guard - Electrum ( Shocking )

Sword Blade - Silver ( Holy )

----- ( Either the sword or just the parts ) ----

Pickaxe ( Tinkers Construct )

- Pickaxe Head - Manulynn ( Insatible )

- Tool Rod - Wood ( Ecological )

- Binding - Ardite ( Stonebound )

----- ( Either the pickaxe or just the parts ) ----

Pickaxe ( Tinkers Construct )

- Pickaxe Head - Manulynn ( Inastible )

- Tool Rod - Wood ( Ecological )

- Binding - Magical Wood


Modifiers for each and every single one of the weapons

1. Silky Jewel

2. 2 Diamonds

3. 3 Stacks of Quartz

4. 2 Mending Moss

5. 2 stacks,20blocks of -> Lapiz Blocks

6. 5 Stacks of Redstone Block

( The other items i cannot recall )

There were more lost items but it's all i could recall should've taken a screenshot of my valuable items.
Hopefully i learn to take a screenshot the next time of my important items.


(Vanilla Items)


Diamond Helmet , pants , shoes , chestplate.

Diamond axe.

54 Apples.

Iron Hoe

Diamond Shovel






Coordinates (format x, y, z): ----
Coordinates of Death Tablet placed in a chest: I died at x3170 z-4022 y64 but the items that i got were 15 redstone which i dropped there.
Description of Issue: 

I killed a friend Shiny as a joke with a sword then we had a laugh in the chat then he came back i let him kill me while i ran but when he killed me i did /back and broke the grave which gave me cobblestone ( I did have soulbind on a hammer which i got back but the other items were gone ) i only got 15 redstone which was in my invenotory before.

We don't know what happend we just know that when i came back to pick up my gear i only got redstone but nothing else.

Screenshots (Optional): --

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