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Japan for animal rights!


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In-Game Nickname: TechXpertz and whole SDorf town

Time and date: 11/6/2018 at 23:25

Description of what happened: below

Screenshots or Proof: below

List of eyewitnesses: H3R0VL4D


Hello friends,


today I come to you with a request more important than anything. I feel really terrible after what I have seen, and the entire Japan grieves over this violation.

It was just today, 11/6/2018 at 23:25 when I met my Shogun to see one person's base. Ignoring the fact that I hate buildings made of wooden planks and cobble (as some of you already know), I swallowed my pride and watched more of his buildings.

It was right then when I saw this:



This is unacceptable! I have never seen such ignorance for animal rights. So many cows, unable to defend themselves, packed one on another... I don't want to know how they excrete... T_T


It's a town called SDorf, located on x:4300, z:4010


I require deletion of this inactive, cow-slavery town and freeing all of these cute, innocent cows! ?





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1. The member of this town (TechXperts) has only been inactive for 9 days. For a town removal, ALL members must be inactive for at least 30 days.


2. Please don't make stupid complaints about meaningless topics, it's a waste of staff time.


This town will not be deleted.


In the future, if you wish to make a town removal request please follow the correct template.



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