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  1. Hello, I recently changed my minecraft username. I would be glad if you could transfer my items and town into my new nickname - Epiphyllia. Thank you very much. P.S. for those who r interested, Epiphyllia comes from Epiphyllum, a rare plant, often called "Queen of the night".
  2. In-Game Nickname: TechXpertz and whole SDorf town Time and date: 11/6/2018 at 23:25 Description of what happened: below Screenshots or Proof: below List of eyewitnesses: H3R0VL4D Hello friends, today I come to you with a request more important than anything. I feel really terrible after what I have seen, and the entire Japan grieves over this violation. It was just today, 11/6/2018 at 23:25 when I met my Shogun to see one person's base. Ignoring the fact that I hate buildings made of wooden planks and cobble (as some of you already know), I swal
  3. Hey guys, Foxy here! ? Throughout my yearly experiences with tekkit, I have come across Atomic science in every single game, be it singleplayer or multiplayer. Fusion reactors, fulmination or particle accelerators are just fun to play with, but as I've seen on this server, not many people actually know a lot about it, and stick to patterns that are years old, and not really that efficient. Most of the schematics for fusion reactors that you can find on the internet are just basic ones, that will provide you with power counting about 50k RF at maximum. That's great, it's
  4. Thank you both for your kind compliments ??
  5. Your Name: FoxyMeanieCoordinates: near 4210/4210 (I don't know exact coordinates, but I suppose that's only relevant for town rollbacks anyway)Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 11/6/2018, 11:45 (Time zone: Central Europe)Description of Issue: I was peacefully building my secret laboratory inside a mountain (shhh), when I realized my resonant energy cell is nearly empty, which could be fatal, since I was flying around like a bee, and the only power source for my power armor is actually just the cell. So I prevented this danger just in time, went to my reactor and connected
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