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[Refund request] Mihi2000be

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Your Name: Mihi2000be
Item Name + Amount: 

- Golden bag of Holding x3

- QED x1

- Ender-Fluix Crystal x4

- MFSU x1

- Octadic Capacitor x16

- Double-layer Capacitor x16

- Tesseract Frame (Empty) x3

- Portable Tank (Resonant): Pink Slime 16000 mb

- Ender-Infused Obsidian x16

- Ender Quarry Upgrade Base x8

- Fluxed Electrum x32

- Cryotheum dust x32

- Pyrotheum dust x32 

- Awakened Draconium ingot x18

- Awakened Core x4

- Pure Mana x4

- Wyvern Core x8

- Wyvern Flux Capacitor x1

- Draconium Ingot x16

- Thaumium Block x3

- Sword of the Wyvern x1

- Shovel of the Wyvern x1

- Pickaxe of the Wyvern x1

- Silky Gem x1

- Full Quantum Suit Armor x1

Coordinates: x: -2070, y: 80, z: 235
Description of Issue: As I said I lost most of my stuff because my grave was gone. This is the most important part. 



EDIT: Forget this, I can't prove I had this anyway so I could just be pretending to get it free.

Edited by Mihi2000be
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