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[Claim Rollback Request] ShinyBless


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Your Name: ShinyBless
Coordiantes: xyz : 1228 67 1972
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): It was fine on 9th november if not wrong
Description of Issue: Yesterday i was working on my island, i was building a mobfarm with cursed earth... then i flied to a friend's island which is at around 300 blocks away from mine to ask him if i could use one if his machines (cause i didn't want to make one), when i came back to my island (flying with elytras) i saw a big hole on an unclaimed part of it, the hole is like 10x10 and it's soooo annoying because i was looking to build in there in a future... I took a screenshot of the hole, its depth is up to the bedrock so i dont feel like filling around 4000 blocks of stone and dirt, it'd be great if i get a rollback of this :D

Thanks for your attention


Screenshots (Optional): image.png.eee131dfbec06931d8dc765857e6239e.png

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